Big John’s Family Fixin’s – Davis, WV

Bring the whole family to Big John’s Family Fixin’s in Davis, WV for a delicious homestyle meal, hand-dipped ice cream – and our on-site amusement arcade! Here, you will find a variety of coin-operated game machines including classics from the second half of the 20th century, carnival-style activities, and modern digital games. Stop in for some good old-fashioned family fun today!

Tickets & Prizes

All of our arcade machines operate on quarters. Winners receive paper tickets that can be collected and exchanged for a variety of small novelty prizes. Be sure to insert your tickets into the ticket reader machine to collect a receipt. The receipt will be numbered to indicate how many tickets were redeemed. You may take your receipt to the prize counter to trade it in for a prize with a listed value equal to or less than the number of tickets redeemed as listed on your receipt.

A variety of prizes are available, including candy, toys, and novelty items.

Our Arcade Game Machines

A change machine is available for your convenience.

  • Basketball Pro
  • Big Buck World
  • Down the Clown
  • Duck Catcher
  • Fast & Furious
  • Jurassic Park Arcade
  • Nerf Arcade
  • Raw Thrills
  • Space Invaders (Large Format)
  • Terminator